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We assume that by you contacting us you are giving your consent for us to collect the personal information you provide to us for use during our correspondence with you. 


We use Checkatrade and our website is hosted by Wix, so that we can advertise our services to you and as a means for you to make contact with us to enquire about providing quotations.  The data you provide as part of your enquiry is forwarded to us.  We may also use cookies and Google Analytics to track and report website traffic. 


By agreeing to quotation you are also consenting to your personal information being shared with third party tradesmen if necessary for the purposes of providing you with an accurate quotation. We will inform you of the details of any third party tradesmen we will be seeking quotations.


We use Quickbooks, US, and your personal information is entered and stored in the site to create a contact details record, quotations/estimates and invoices.


Your personal information will only be extracted (if possible) from these sources when absolutely necessary and destroyed by process of not saving personal information unnecessarily and removing your information from our computer systems permanently as soon as we have completed the piece of work the information was required for. 


Should you be redirected to a third-party website from our website, you are no longer governed by our Privacy Policy.  There are links to the privacy policies of the third party providers we use below.


Any hard copies of your personal information we may have in our possession are destroyed by shredding, as soon as it is deemed we no longer require your contact details. 


We have an obligation to share your personal information should it be declared by law that we do so because of a violation on your behalf. 


We totally understand if you are not happy for us to keep your contact details and personal information and would ask that you email to request that your personal details are removed from our records.


Here are external links to the third parties privacy policies:


This privacy policy may change over time to keep in line with requirements. 


Should our business be sold or taken over by another company, we may transfer your information to the new owners to enable the business to continue.

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